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Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Rob Hennig are dedicated to the zealous representation of our clients in their claims against employers and those that discriminate against them. Whether the case involves Sexual Harassment, Unpaid Overtime or a Discriminatory Assault, we will litigate your claim to our exacting standards and with attention to detail.

Examples of the work done at The Law Offices of Rob Hennig include:

Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Termination: We cover all areas of California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), including all workplace harassment claims including Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation Harassment, Racial Harassment, Religious Harassment, National Origin Harassment, Disability Harassment. We also regularly litigate all forms of workplace discrimination claims including Sex Discrimination, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, Nation Origin Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, and other forms of discrimination claims. We also represent individuals for retaliation claims. We will also work for clients who have been retaliated against by public or private employees in violation of Whistleblower laws and any other violations of the law. Our offices takes on public employers, fighting for the rights of public sector employees.

Non-Employment Discrimination: Our offices also take on cases involving discrimination outside the workplace. Whether it is a business discriminating in their treatment of patrons or a hate motivated attack, we will fight for our clients.

Wage and Hour: We also litigate claims violating California's wage and hour laws, including the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA). Examples of such Causes of Action are as follows: Unpaid Overtime, Violation of Minimum Wage Laws and Failure to Provide Meal and Rest Breaks.

Retaliation: We cover all forms of retaliation in the workplace under California and federal law. This includes retaliation against an employee for reporting illegal conduct, fraud, and retaliation for filing a qui tam of False Claims Act complaint alleging fraud against the United States of America or the State of California or the federal government or the state government. We also represent plaintiffs who have been retaliated against for refusing to engage in the illegal conduct of an employer. You should not have to chose between your job and obeying the law. We represent clients where an employer is directing the employee to engage in illegal activity.

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